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ADHD Solution

Manage and thrive with ADHD.

Outcome focused

Evidence based approach

Excellent results

Welcome to ADHD Solution

ADHD solution is a coaching service for patients diagnosed with ADHD to help manage their condition and find ways to thrive with it. 

Modern Methods

First we help adults with ADHD understand their own unique ADHD fingerprint. Then we teach specific coping mechanisms and skills which help people to create a life of fulfilment and meaning while navigating a condition which is debilitating to many.

Practical Applications

We blend cutting edge neuroscience techniques with practical applications of philosophy to help people understand their condition. Then together we rewire ADHD brains for success while implementing strategies and support networks to cover all the bases.

Integrated experience

ADHD can be a gift if used correctly. Once properly understood and harnessed, we have seen that people with ADHD have an ability to thrive in areas they are passionate about – far beyond what is possible for those without this ‘complicated blessing’.

ADHD Services for Adults

Our practice draws from working closely with adults with ADHD and through our own journey navigating this disorder. The knowledge and skills which we share and teach come not just from a textbook, but also from our own lived experience.




Jack is a Biomedical Graduate with an Honours in Neuroscience research awarded by the University of Melbourne. Understanding his own journey with ADHD has helped him define and refine strategies for success to peak performance in everyday life. Jack values staying physically active and has competed at an elite level. He is passionate about health and fitness and the role which mind & spirit share in human performance.

Jack has a keen interest in practical applications of spirituality and spiritual concepts. Meditation, philosophy, and breathwork are integral components of his life and his coaching.

Jack has competed on the TV show Australian Ninja warrior. He came to specialise in ADHD after coaching elite CEO’s, entrepreneurs and business-people and realising that they all had ADHD too! Jack is passionate aboutis on helping others ‘tame the beast’ and directing their energy into creating meaningful lives.


neuroscience graduate, and certified life coach, yoga teacher, personal trainer and breath-work facilitator


Amanda provides the extra support that clients may need to be able to go that little bit further in their journey. She is the one who will be checking up on you to ensure you are doing the things you said you would do. She will be there with the perfectly placed kind word of encouragement, the warm smile and the helpful suggestions. (She leaves the cracking of the whip to Jack!)

Amanda Holder

Accountability, support, compassion

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About Us

We seek empower adults primarily in Melbourne to understand their condition in order to harness their passions and create a life of success and fulfilment while using their ADHD to their advantage.