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Everyone’s ADHD is different, as our personal life goals and circumstances are as unique as a fingerprint. But there are common themes uniting everyone’s ADHD journey. Most often, people think people with ADHD are just lazy, when the truth is they are some of the hardest working people around. Not only do they have to try to maintain and manage the demands of modern day life, they have to do so while controlling a brain which is impulsive, reckless, poor at estimating consequences, and has difficulties grasping time.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

ADHD can be extremely challenging, both for the person with the condition and for the friends and family around them who find themselves increasingly exasperated with the persons inability to thrive (or sometimes even function).

Often people with ADHD are constantly frustrated. Feeling like ‘maybe there’s just something wrong with me’, they can’t seem to be able to do tasks which other people all around them seem to find so simple. This often leads to anxiety and/or depression, as people with ADHD will suffer silently, feeling trapped and unable to make the progress which they want in their life, despite their very best efforts.

Fortunately, we are really beginning to understand the disorder, where it comes from, and how to manage it. Pharmaceutical interventions and stimulant medication can have an incredible impact on an ADHD persons ability to actually “feel like a normal person” and “get things they want done”, however medication alone isn’t enough to completely solve the problem.

Your most valuable asset!

The truth is, ADHD can be an absolute ASSET if it is understood and harnessed correctly. People with ADHD have minds which are full of ideas, can solve problems laterally, juggle multiple concepts simultaneously, and they have an innate creative drive and ability.

Often people with ADHD are found in some of the highest positions and sectors, including CEO’s and very successful entrepreneurs. With the right support, guidance, and infrastucture, the unique way the ADHD mind approaches problems can make it one of the most valuable assets in any business.

We want to help you find your way, and we truly believe that with a little shift in perspective, the condition which has hindered you so long can be one of your greatest strengths.

Find the Ability to thrive.

Powerful Support

This is where we come in. Working with expert teams of allied health professionals in Melbourne and around Victoria, we build a team around the ADHD person and give them tips, strategies, tools and ideas - while also helping them come to a deep understanding of what their ADHD means and how to harness it.

Integrated Approach

Those who grow up with ADHD find their own way to manage the condition. From unique personal strategies to make sense of the world amidst the chaos, to unhelpful coping mechanisms which need to be broken down - all are common in those who grapple with this silent condition. We have therefore become experts at helping people unlearn and then relearn new patterns of behaviour .